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NOVA has created five applications for the iPad under the umbrella of 3D 4 Medical.  The apps are all medical/body/anatomy related and feature some awesome visualizations of the human body at work.  The apps are meant for students, medical professionals, and teachers, but anyone can use them and learn.

The first app is Brain Pro, which gives an in-depth knowledge of the brain, visually.  You can look at an image of a human brain and rotate, slice, peel away, and go transparent to view a map of the brain and which portions do what function.  It’s very cool.

Next is iMuscle, which is a workout aid with visual muscular graphics to show you what you’re working and what affect it has.  Students can see how the muscles interact and what each popular exercise routine is doing internally.  You can zoom in and out on specific muscle groups or individual muscles themselves.

Then comes Skeletal System Pro II, which lets you go Halloween and look at your skeletal system up close and personal like.  It’s a great anatomy course builder with a lot of 3D that lets you get into even the smallest of bones.  Watch how joints work, how bones interact, and even how teeth are held into the bones of the jaw.

To go beyond iMuscle, you can get into Muscle System Pro II, a more cutting-edge and anatomically-focused look at the muscular system.  This one lets you focus on specific muscles, remove layers so you can view muscles underneath others, and get detailed about how ligaments and tendons attach and affect movement.

Finally comes Heart Pro, an up close and personal look at the body’s most important muscle.  With this one, you can rotate, stop and start, slice through layers, and otherwise manipulate a heart to see how it operates at all levels.  A full body icon shows blood flow throughout the body and how changing pressure and other factors affects both the heart and circulatory system.

All of these apps are really cool and are available from NOVA and the iTunes Store.  Other apps in the series include looks at the Nervous, Cardiovascular, and Digestive systems.  Plus quizzes to test your knowledge.

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