Facebook for Android Beating iPhone

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For the first time, Facebook for Android is showing more mobile daily active users than is Facebook for iPhone.  The Android Facebook app launched in 2009, a year after the iPhone’s app, though both were internally developed by Facebook.

The Android app, according to Facebook’s numbers, is now pulling 58.3 million DAU compared to iPhone’s 57.4 million.  Facebook released the latest update to the iPhone app which added Timeline access, previously only available on Android, but with Android phones activating at a blistering 550,000 per day, it may not be enough to catch up.

TechCrunch broke the story after independent numbers from AppData.  By contrast, Facebook for BlackBerry and Windows Phone has 29.9 million and 360,000 DAU, respectively.

According to John Constine at TechCrunch: “User counts of the Facebook apps matter because they can influence where Facebook devotes mobile development resources. For years, features were first released for the iPhone version, possibly because its higher user count made it more of a priority. If the Android app becomes significantly more popular, Timeline might be the first of many features it gets early.”

He’s right.  Despite my affinity for the iOS brigade of gadgets, it’s good to see some competition to keep things fresh.  If Android can provide some competition in the market, the Apple products will be all the better for it.