Is MySpace Heading Back to the Big Time?

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You may remember when MySpace was one of the biggest social networking sites on the planet.  There was a time when it was MySpace and Facebook, and there was no mention of Twitter anywhere.

But things can change very quickly in the world of the internet, and before too long MySpace started to slide in popularity.  Twitter took over and while Facebook is still there, MySpace has become the largely forgotten social networking site.

Until now, that is.  It looks like its acquisition by Specific Media could be leading to some interesting changes to come in the future.  There are big plans in store for MySpace during 2012, and while it remains to be seen how these plans will unfold, the first stage has just got underway.

A brand new music player has now been added to the website, enabling users to find it much easier to enjoy music on the site.  The plans involve focusing purely on music in the future, although very little detail is available for 2012’s changes beyond this.  The CEO of MySpace and Specific Media is Chris Vanderhook and he seemed very positive about the future of the site.  He spoke of music as being “white hot” and it is clear that this is the direction of the new site.

There is still the question of how it will develop and whether it is still too little, too late for the site that was once a giant.