We could add another sentence to that title, to read “whether you like it or not”.  Yes, the latest change is another one in which users will have no say.  There is no chance of opting out because those in charge at Facebook have provided no option to do so.

According to a spokesperson for the social media giant, the idea is to start promoting the sponsored stories “slowly.”  However, no matter how slowly the site opts to do it, the fact that they give no choice for users to decide whether they want to see such stories or not is nothing short of disturbing.

This advertising is all set to be shown as part of users news feeds.  This particular type of advertising was tried three years ago on Facebook, but they have now decided that they want to make it a regular feature.

The problem is that many users are bound to dislike the new round of changes to the site.  Most users would be happier without seeing the ads, and even one a day (which is the limit being touted by Facebook) might be one too many.  We have already seen a raft of users leaving the site this year due to changes that they do not like.  This could be the latest in a series of upsets that the social media site will have caused.  Clearly some believe that they do not care about their audience – and this latest change could make that number swell further.

Written by | dave

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