Learn to Code in 2012

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As the world moves into the future and we along with it, technology continues to become a bigger and bigger part of our lives.  For many of us, technology is literally with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We carry our iPhones, iPods, smart phones, tablets; we have DVD, DVR, desktops, laptops, our cars are connected, our houses are filled with WiFi, and we RSVP our children’s play dates using Facebook apps…

Yet most of us know little about how all this technology works.  Let alone how to make it do stuff for us that might not have been what was intended.  In today’s world, learning how to hack can actually get us further in life than earning an MBA.

So why not learn to code?

It’s not nearly as difficult as people might think.  We seem to think of programming as some kind of complex mathematical thing that only pale-faced, geeky types can learn.  The reality is that only certain types of coding are that way.  Most of it, like the stuff used to make websites look cool, to make blogs do fun stuff, or make nifty little apps for your phone, isn’t that geeky.  You just need to know how it works and the basics of coding to do fun things.

Most programmers and developers actually learn to code on their own – for many, the programming classes they took in college were more like refresher courses.  A few really good coders I know actually tested through all of their programming classes because they already knew it.

If you want to learn to code this year, make a New Year’s resolution, then head over to Code Year and get started!  More than 20,000 people have signed up already and it’s totally free.  There’s nothing to lose!