Pinterest – the Latest Social Media Site

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Just when you think you have seen every social media site online today, another one comes along that begs you to take a closer look.  The latest entry in the social media market is called Pinterest and if you have not yet seen it, you soon will.

Put simply, Pinterest describes itself as an online pinboard.  While it will no doubt be compared to other sites including Facebook, Twitter and the new Google+, there is one essential difference that sets Pinterest apart.  It focuses on using and sharing images rather than words, although there is still the facility to add text when necessary.

If you are wondering when this new network came to fruition, you will have to look back to March 2010.  Yes, the network is nearly two years old but in recent weeks it has come to the attention of a lot more people.  The idea is that when you see a picture you like online, you can pin it to your own personal board.  If someone sees it and likes it as well, they can repin it to their board.  This is how items are shared and how they can potentially reach a much wider audience.

Many people have already seen the practical nature of Pinterest and how it can be used in lots of different ways.  So far, marketers do not seem to have jumped onto the platform.  It is certainly designed with individuals in mind.  But it will be interesting to see how it develops now it has reached a wide audience.