Google+ Attracts More Men than Women

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Google+ is never that far from the news headlines, and the most recent fact to have come out of this area is the split between male users and female users.  According to Website Monitoring, the latest information shows that two thirds of the people who are using Google+ are men, while just one third are women.

This has led many people to speculate on why this is the case.  Some think that Google+ is aimed more at professional and business users, and thus has naturally attracted more men to its ranks than women.  While it is compared to Facebook quite frequently, it is clearly a very different site.  Google+ could be viewed as more professional in nature when compared to Facebook, which is clearly a more sociable site in many ways.

The other big question is whether Google+ will pay attention to this data and aim their services so they can appeal more to women in the future.  According to Google, some 90 million people have already joined their network, so this would point to a full 60 million of them being men, and just 30 million being women.  It will be interesting to see whether future surveys of data are concurrent with this information, or whether they show an increase in the number of women joining.

It would seem important for Google+ to get to grips with this skewed figure though.  If they do not, it could seem like an online men’s club more than anything else.

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