Apple’s Cook Finally Shows Some Personality

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Until his big appearance on Valentine’s Day, Apple’s new CEO, Timothy D. Cook, had always been something of a boring accountant type with no real personality.  He’d often appeared to speak at investor relations events, which the late Steve Jobs seemed to avoid, and Cook had always come across as wooden.

At this last investor’s meeting, however, he showed a lot of personality and panache, belying his reputation as a stiff.  This speaks well for the company’s future, I think, showing that with Jobs gone, all is not lost.

Amid answering questions about the company’s recent headlines regarding overseas working conditions and labor violations, Cook showed that not only can he answer questions in a straight forward manner, but he can do so in a way that befits a CEO – especially one who is running one of the more off-beat of Silicon Valley’s big names.

He even showed a little glibness by making a jokingly negative remark about PC developers versus iOS devs.  Bringing back some of the old rivalry to lighten the mood.

Overall, it was nice to see that Cook is not just an account book with glasses on.  His style is very different from Jobs’, but is probably more fitting for the company as it moves forward.  A more sedate, business-like Apple is what seems to be the future, but it won’t lose its sense of humor.