Johnathan Schwartz, former CEO of Sun Microsystems, who presided over the company’s sale to Oracle, is now working on something a little more personal.  He’s helped found a new website startup called CareZone that connects family members with healthcare workers so they can securely and privately share information.

The website began after Schwartz found himself caring for his aging parents and unable to find a way to easily stay connected with the healthcare providers who work with them.  It’s a sort of combination personal health records (PHR) site and secure communications platform for patients, family, and providers to work through.

The site’s co-founder is Schwartz’s long-time friend and college buddy Walter Smith (of Apple Newton fame) and is funded with Schwartz’s own money.  CareZone is based in San Francisco with developers in Seattle.

The monetization model of CareZone is a simple monthly subscription which can be paid annually at a reasonable $48.  Rather than focusing on getting large medical groups and hospitals to accept the technology, the site is focused on families and small long-term care institutions.

The focus is on privacy, of course, but also on easing communication.  It allows the children of aging parents, for example, to easily see how their parents are doing through both communication with care providers as well as seeing status updates from their parents themselves.

Schwartz says that this more personal approach to solving a problem of his own, and helping others in the process, has made the business model for CareZone more intuitive to what he feels he’d like to do as a technology innovator.  It certainly is a good idea.

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