Google Wants Faster Mobile Internet to Help Businesses

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The engineering director for Google Inc. has spoken about how he wishes to see mobile internet speeds increase significantly in order to help small businesses and unlock billions of dollars in additional online advertising and e-commerce potential.  Avrind Jain pointed to the fact that slow load speeds on mobile devices often caused people to abandon purchases altogether with research showing that people who are accessing the internet via their mobile phone are more than twice as likely to abandon a page should it prove to be slow to load.

Faster mobile speeds would also equate to more ad revenue becoming available with experts saying that a speed increase of 30 per cent could lead to a 15 per cent rise in ad sales.  Already mobile advertising is expected to push past the $2.5 billion mark this year, which represents an increase of almost $1.5 billion in 2011.

Chief strategist for Akami, Lelah Manz, said, “The effort could help mobile speeds catch up with desktop rates by 2014. Mobile has to catch up.  Your shoppers are more distracted on a mobile device, and the performance is more important. This realization has just started to hit in the last six to nine months.”

This call for faster loading speeds is seeing a number of companies, Google in particular, tweaking their mobile software in a bid to give it a leading edge over competitors in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market.


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