Super Shortcuts for Your iPhone

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If you’re like me, you have a ton of apps on your iPhone that you use to do all kinds of cool stuff.  You’ve probably also noticed that some of the features of those apps are buried and kind of a pain to get to.

Like Instagram.  Everyone has it, right, but you have to hit a bunch of buttons to get to the camera when all you want to do is hurry and snap a pic.  Don’t you wish you could “speed dial” those app features with a single gesture?

That’s what Launch Center does.  This is a cool app that lets you set up “speed dial” type commands so that you can instantly do things like dial your mom, bring up the Instagram camera, message a specific friend, pop up Yelp with a list of local coffee shops (no asking for coffee, just go to Yelp’s coffee listings), or even use your phone as a flashlight.

It’s a great idea and one that I’m amazed hasn’t become a feature on the phone already.  You just tap and slide to create what the app calls “verbs” to do things.  So if you want to search (a verb), call (another verb), send (verb), launch (you guessed it)…  you can set it up with Launch Center Pro.

You won’t realize how much you’ve missed something like this until you’ve tried it.  One of th ecoolest apps I’ve seen in quite a while.