The top five must-have share dealing apps for the iPhone

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A share dealing app allows an investor to buy and sell shares from their iPhone.  They can also research market trends, so that they are able to deal and invest wherever and whenever they want. There are numerous share-dealing apps available (some are free and others paid) that help investors to keep an eye on market trends, and to research and trade stocks.

Is there a large difference in quality between the free apps and the apps you have to pay for

In a word – no. Many people might expect that paid apps would be a lot better than free apps, however this is not always the case. The built in Stocks app, which is preloaded on the iPhone, used to leave a lot to be desired – however, thanks to a few recent updates, the app has become a lot more useful and advanced, with a much greater choice of data and functions.

In addition, most popular stock research sites provide free apps – for example Bloomberg, Reuters, and Yahoo. The apps offer many of the most popular features of the full sites, with an added bonus – mobile access.

Companies are more and more often offering advanced features on their free apps to encourage traders to download and use their app. Obviously, the app market is extremely competitive, and so is the stock market – and this is a good thing for investors who are looking for a good quality, free share dealing application.

One big benefit of free apps is that they allow traders to practice using them without having to pay for the app in the first place. Therefore if they decide they don’t like the app, they can simply delete it, and no money has been wasted.

The top five share dealing applications

  • One of the top share dealing apps is ChartsLive, which allows investors to analyse their stock on the go, using their preferred overlays and indicators.
  • Definitely in the top five is iStockManager, a free app that allows TD Ameritrade account holders to make money wherever they go, by buying or selling their shares, accessing charts, and obtaining real-time quotes.
  • Another top share dealing app is Virtual Stock Market Lite, which gives paper traders the chance to practice their trade directly from their iPhone. Virtual Stock Market Lite is also a free app.
  • Many popular stock research sites offer apps, so that their users can always be up to date while on the go. A popular example of this is Bloomberg, which allows users to use all of the standard Bloomberg functions from their iPhone, for example, news, advance charts, portfolios and quotes access. They can also create their own watch list. The Bloomberg app is free.
  • Perhaps the top share-dealing app is Reuters News, which offers traders the most up to date market data and information, with the opportunity to build watch lists, watch videos, and access the latest market commentary, from the touch of a button. It is ideal for those who want to be constantly in touch with the market, throughout the day.

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