Wristwatch 2.0 – a new revolution on your wrist

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The watch is beginning to change again.  Although it has been dying off as a fashion accessory and utilitarian part of our outfits, the watch is beginning to see a resurgence as new and more connected watches enter the market and capture the attention of people.

The watch has mostly left our wrists as we use cell phones and other always-at-hand gadgets to tell the time.  Now, technology companies are re-thinking the watch and rather than fighting the phenomenon are embracing gadgetry as the savior of the wrist watch.

Sony has the Smartwatch, a wrist watch with a 2-inch screen that can synch with  your phone to display its display, making glancing over tweets and texts a breeze – all while your phone stays in your pocket.

Nike has a similar idea with the FuelBand, which is geared towards synching with fitness apps on your smart phone, helping to monitor exercise routines and workout data.

Today’s smartwatch is becoming the way we will interact with our smart phones tomorrow.

Business executives are drawn to the Sony Smartwatch because it allows them to interact with their phones in meetings without seeming rude.  It is the extension of the phone that is appealing.  The wrist becomes a remote screen where you now have the ability to control your phone with a number of different applications.

It’s the watch, but rethought.