Details of iPhone 5 Begin Spreading After Announcement

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Now that Apple has officially announced that yes, indeed, a new iPhone (#5) is coming, and thanks to some of the details given at the event, we can learn a lot about this upcoming smart phone.

Several websites have run with the information detailed at the release announcement last week.  What wasn’t given were some of the more technical aspects of the phone, but those details were given when you look through the presentation slides and specifications mentioned during the event.

Of course, since this stuff isn’t headline-grabbing exciting like the announcement of the new iPhone 5 was, it doesn’t tend to get as much notice.  Now that the initial excitement of the announcement itself is over, though, we can start looking at the underpinnings of this stylish new iPhone that’ll be coming soon to a pocket near you.

Given the one-sided curve (always up) of the iOS device tree during its development plus the photos shown of the new A6 PoP stack that will be inside the 5, we can see that this phone will be roughly 33% better than is previous generation (4S) in terms of bandwidth and memory.  Given the higher-resolution display, that’s a must.  Interestingly, it will also better the iPad 2, which is only slightly better than the iPhone 4S, and hints that the next generation of the iPad may see similar or more improvements.

For more details, we can look at Geekbench who managed to do a full benchmark of the iPhone 5.  It scored 1,601 on their tests, with Integer and Memory Bandwidth tests coming in low, but with Processor Floating Point and general Memory tests coming in very high.  That’s on the (likely) base model iPhone 5 with only 1GB of RAM.  It is for sure known that the processor is a dual-core system at 1.02GHz and that it will be running iOS 6.

That 1,601 score means little without context, though.  For comparison, the 4S received only a 629 and the iPad 3 got 766.

Quite impressive!

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