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Whilst no one disputes that the functionality of the iPhone is what makes it such a success, there is no doubt that an iPhone’s appeal is increased by the variety of the apps that can be installed, and by the advantages provided by the free SIM cards that are available.  There are lots of useful apps available as free downloads, and many of these enhance the iPhone’s performance for work, play, reference resources and social networking. Here’s a selection of the top free iPhone apps:

Find my iPhone

Those of us who absentmindedly misplace the car keys, wallet, etc., may also be likely to lose an iPhone.  This very clever app can be used to locate the missing phone at home or elsewhere. Once installed on another device, such as a laptop, Find My iPhone will pinpoint the lost phone behind the cushions on the sofa, for example, and cause it to emit a noisy blast of sound for two minutes – even if it was previously set to silent mode. If the iPhone is not at home the app will locate its position on a map, and if it’s been stolen and is at a remote location the personal data storage can be wiped.

Angry Birds

This is the most popular game for mobile phones in the history of the genre and those that remember the fairy-tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’ might be forgiven for thinking it’s a bit of a steal, except of course in this case the big bad wolf is replaced by, well, angry birds. Lots of fun and destined to become a classic; those who love a good game will find that no iPhone is complete without this little gem.

Facebook and Twitter

Perhaps the most enduring of the social networking sites, Facebook continues to provide an interface that is eminently iPhone-friendly, including access to the new Timeline layout and also to search functions, games and high-resolution images. Likewise, the official Twitter app offers smooth access and is in tune with the navigational system in use on the main site. These apps provide a great way to stay in touch when away from a laptop or iPad.


Need to keep up with news, updates from social media accounts and RSS feeds, all at the same time? Look no further than the iPhone’s Flipboard, pinched from iPad, that works with a flick of the thumb, keeping smartphone users up to date with the important things in their world, plus a little extra relevant content supplied by the Flipboard staff team.


Keen rail commuters will find this free travel app invaluable, as it offers superb journey planning facilities. It’s possible to check when the next train is running on a given route, look at timetables to consider alternative options and buy tickets. Recent journeys can also be plotted and stored.

Lose It

This free app is not another version of Angry Birds, but a great way for those who are keen to lose weight to improve their fitness levels and watch their calorie intake. Users can monitor the contents of a wide range of foods in terms of protein, carbohydrate and fat content, and set goals for their desired weight loss: an app for those who are serious about keeping in good health and in good shape.

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