MySpace rethinks itself, Timberlake goes Pin-ish

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A new video from MySpace features its new front man, Justin Timberlake, and shows the new direction the former social networking giant plans to take.

As Facebook began to dominate the social networking scene, MySpace found itself losing relevance – fast.  The network morphed, somewhat haphazardly, into a music-centric “band profiles” network, replacing its former social networking with a more artist-focused persona instead.  Integrating song players and other tools, it has come to be the place for independent artists as well as well-known artists who want to cultivate an “indie” image.  While not as financially successful or user-intensive as its former self, MySpace has continued to soldier on as a social destination.

Not long ago, new direction was given when singer Justin Timberlake became a front man and investor in the company, promising to turn the musician’s network into a bigger, better platform.

Now, with the release of this video, MySpace is showing how they will be doing that.  It looks like one part Facebook, one part Pinterest, and one part iTunes mixed into a bowl to make a new MySpace cake.

Just going by the video, this new MySpace will be prettier, more socially music oriented, and much easier to navigate and use.  Gone is the old, oudated format the site has relied on for years and in comes a new graphics-centered layout with a more intuitive, smart phone-like look and feel.

Definitely an improvement and it will be fun to see how quickly this rolls out and how well accepted it will be once it does.  I see good things for MySpace.