New broadband, who to choose?

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New broadband, who to choose?

Today, it seems that the market for broadband providers is more crowded than ever, and that broadband suppliers are devising more and more ways to attract new customers – in this sense the level of competition is always good for the consumer and the potential buyer, as prices are competitive and the extent of the packages or bundles on offer is impressive.

What to look for

When shopping around for a new broadband supplier there are a few important elements to consider. The first is the speed of connection, as this affects the performance of the service and how long it takes to upload or download documents or photos, for example.

Secondly, it’s important to know how reliable the service is – will it be maintained constantly or is it likely to fluctuate at peak times? Irregularities can be a real problem if a service slows down significantly when more people go online. There are a number of factors that affect this and location plays an important part in determining what is available in a particular geographical area in terms of speed of connection and the limits that may be imposed by a specific internet service provider (ISP).

How to assess broadband needs

In order to choose the right package, a little knowledge goes a long way. This is important because choosing the wrong package could mean that customers are paying over the odds for what they need, or the opposite – that they have an inexpensive package that is inadequate. If the connection is too slow or the limit on downloads is too restrictive the broadband experience will be frustrating and, ultimately, unsatisfactory.

Conducting an audit of how you will use your broadband will be used is a good starting point. Once what is available locally has been established, potential you should consider how it will be used, and by whom. For example, connections of 8Mbps or thereabouts make it possible to play games, email, share pictures and access Facebook and YouTube, etc. Heavy-duty use, for example for business purposes, which involves the transfer of large items, or the streaming of video or film, may require faster speeds and fewer restrictions on capacity.

Getting the best value

Packages or bundles that offer a combination of services can frequently prove to be better value for money than buying a selection of independent services. Sky Broadband is one provider that offers a great deal of flexibility and choice; having bundles for users with light, occasional requirements; with medium unrestricted download requirements and for heavy-duty users for whom fibre broadband is recommended.

These bundles offer the option to include line rental, free weekend or anytime calls and entertainment via Sky TV as well as broadband. In addition, some customers can opt to use WiFi hotspots, which are provided via cloud technology and make the internet accessible even when away from home. Like some other providers, Sky broadband also provides a free wireless router.

The key to making the best choice of broadband suppliers is having a clear understanding of what is needed and matching the provider and the package to the need.

This article was produced in association with Sky


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