Universal video chat: Polycom making it possible

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Steve Jobs once swore that Apple would make a way to remove the walls between video services and make them all work with each other. He was never able to see this to fruition but it is still an idea that has a lot of merit.

A company specialising in video communication hardware has accepted the challenge. Polycom has now come up with a software product that combines contacts from Facebook, Google Talk, and Skype.

Dubbed RealPresence CloudAxis, the new product is an extension of the current video conferencing solutions offered by the company. It simply means that if a business uses the Polycom system, it will automatically be conferenced or connected with anyone who uses the above mentioned supported services in addition to granting access to the collaboration tools other participants are using.

It may seem like a challenging objective for a video conferencing product to undertake, particularly one that can be run in a browser and has the ability to import contacts from the other services with a simple hyperlink. However, Polycom explains that its CloudAxis APIs give “extended interoperability” to video collaboration services while offering the same security and reliability as other systems.

Interested parties will have to wait for it as it is not expected to debut until early next year. According to IDC, if this is successful, Polycom would pose a real threat to its rival, Cisco. Cisco holds 41.9 per cent of the video-conferencing market for enterprise while Polycom has 32.7 per cent share.

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