Google has made life easier for so many people. You can search for nearly anything and get what you wanted with just a simple click.

The search giant has pushed it a little further by opening up a test to a select group of users a few months ago. Using the traditional, users participating in the test can search for Gmail information directly from Google’s search box, including their emails, while logged in to their account. Driven by positive user feedback, the newest search experience will soon be opened up to a wider audience.

Aside from the Gmail results function, Google announced that it will also add Google Drive and Calendar into the field trial following requests from some of the testers.

Normally, looking through a lot of mails in your inbox can be quite time-consuming. But with this new function, you can search for the emails that you need a lot easier and faster. Just type the keyword in the Google search box and results that match your emails magically appear.

With Google Drive and Calendar now part of this search experience, users can expect an amazing experience, with seamless access to the relevant emails and information from Gmail as well as spreadsheets, documents, files, and more from Google Drive.

Critics feel that this function is a bit invasive but Google assures users it is not actually looking into their files and emails so there is nothing to worry about.

Written by | dave

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