Monetised social network: will it reign?

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Amid the huge numbers of social networks today and growing competition among them, a fresh networking site has joined the pack. Providing a Facebook-inspired interface, Twitter-like trending topics, and a feature to easily incorporate photos and videos a la Pinterest and Youtube, the new start-up dubbed “Pheed” positively anticipates to be included in the row of the top social networking sites.

Pheed has already garnered almost a million users including famous friend celebrities such as David Guetta, Paris Hilton, and Miley Cyrus, who all signed up for an account following its soft launch few days ago.

The site may look like the others and may seem to be offering the same features as the rest but Pheed has a considerable uniqueness. Pheed permits users to “rate their channels” based on the post’s content, marking them R or PG-13. Posts or “pheeds” are also shareable to friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

Another thing that sets Pheed apart is that it is a monetised social network. Unlike other options, the new site allows users to make some money. Pheeders have the option to apply a monthly subscription fee to their streams and users can be charged on a pay-per-view basis. Pheed will take 50 per cent of the content’s revenue and the creator keeps the rest.

This new social commerce site is certainly different enough from the current offerings and could very well surpass the other sites; however, will this mean that sooner or later we will be paying just to get information?