Goodbye Windows Live Messenger, hello better Skype!

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Social media sites are constantly changing to make them more appealing to the public and introducing new features that enhance the way people connect with each other. Some have been busy improving their web visibility and others have been working on compatibility with other networks while trying to stay on top of the close competition.

Skype and Windows Live Messenger have earned a reputation for breaking down geographical boundaries in favour of hassle-free, instant communication. Now Microsoft has made a surprise change to Windows Live Messenger to favour the new Skype.

After introducing a fresh version of Skype to the newest Microsoft Phone 8, Microsoft has recently announced the withdrawal of its instant messaging service to benefit Skype. The retirement will allow Skype to merge with Microsoft accounts. Contacts from users’ Microsoft accounts will also automatically be synced into Skype. The move aims to bring better and more cohesive instant messaging and video call services to all users.

This move comes on the tails of the release of Skype 6.0 for Mac and Windows. With that update, users of Windows Surface devices or Windows 8 PCs can sign in on Skype using their Microsoft account. They can then combine their profiles from the two services with just a few simple steps. The transition is expected to encompass all users by early next year, except for users from China.

The change will be accompanied by “special offers” on Skype services later this year to entice users to make the switch. Making the move will enable Windows Live Messenger users to take advantage of the additional capabilities offered by Skype without setting up a separate account.