Google’s new app connects mobiles to TV sets

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Watching videos online via YouTube is now even more exciting with Google’s new app for Android phones and tablets.

After two years in development, Google has finally launched a YouTube app for Android that will let users search for a video on their phones and then, with just a tap on the TV icon, a movie or video can automatically be played on the bigger screen through Google TV.

The phone can be used as the remote control for the TV as all devices are connected to the cloud, making the pairing a multi-tasking powerhouse. The phone can be used to scroll, pause, or jump to the next video as it plays on the TV. Touch-screen mobile devices are often more convenient than traditional remote controls for navigating video content sites such as YouTube. In particular, typing in search terms and scrolling through lists are much easier on mobile phones than remote controls. Furthermore, users can continue searching and selecting more videos for the playlist even while a video is already playing on the TV.

Additionally, multiple devices can be connected to the set at once. Several mobile phones and tablet devices can all connect and control video or make playlists.

The service is offered through apps for Android devices and Google TV. Google’s new offering shows their commitment to this growing market. With this new Google TV app, the tech giant tells us we can continue to expect innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology.