Auto-upload with Facebook’s Photo Sync

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Auto-upload will no longer be unique to Google+, as Facebook has now unveiled the same feature will be available for all iOS users. Facebook has confirmed that its Photo Sync feature will continue its two-month trial for Android users.

When the new feature is enabled, snapshots will automatically be uploaded to the users’ Facebook accounts. Uploaded photos will be added to an album that only users can see. The users can still choose whether to share the photos on their profile and make them visible on the news feed. Users always have the option of enabling or disabling Photo Sync through the Facebook Help Center as well.

With Photo Sync, automatic uploading could significantly increase the number of photos being published by users. This could also boost Facebook’s number of returning visits because photos generate the majority of Facebook’s traffic.

However, Facebook is still considering the privacy of all users by messaging its users so that they will not be alarmed by the automatic upload. Facebook will also use background uploads and is not depending on location APIs and its intense consolidation with iOS 6.

This feature looks like a direct competitor to Google+ but is not meant to compete with Dropbox, which focuses on backing up photos. However, if this feature catches on with iOS and Android users, Facebook will be miles ahead of the competition when it comes to photo sharing, especially now that it has acquired Instagram.