5 Important Mobile Technologies Every Small Business Owner Should Know About

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The world of mobile technology is now more important than ever. It’s no secret that phones have become much more than simple communication devices. Lots of small businesses are flourishing thanks to the amazing tools that Smartphones are putting into the hands of small business owners.

Some of these technologies don’t even cost anything more than the time to sign up. Could you be increasing your productivity or even boosting your bottom line by utilizing these small business tools on your Smartphone?

As a small business owner who runs a completely digital online business, I’ve found many of these tools absolutely indispensable. Take a look at how they can help you out as well.

1. Electronic Signatures

Getting contracts signed used to be a long and drawn-out ordeal that could sometimes be more of a hindrance to doing business than a protection. I’d actually lost clients in the phase between agreeing on prices and services and actually signing the final papers.

With a mobile e-signature solution, signing, filing and retrieving signed business documents is easier than ever. However, not all services are created equal. Make sure you find a solution that verifies the identities of both parties and has a good audit trail.

2. Mobile Payment Collection

Small businesses used to only have two choices for getting paid by customers: accept cash only or pay for a pricey and complicated credit card processing machine. With new mobile payment systems, a Smartphone can accept credit cards and even checks.

This type of freedom and versatility is changing the way we do business. If you’re an artist, crafter or someone else who deals with physical goods at a variety of locations, the power of systems like Square make it easier for your customers to pay you without any hassle.

3. Communication and Productivity Tools

Keeping track of various employees and getting them all together for a phone call or text chat has become an afterthought for those who are up and running with mobile technology.

In fact, 81 percent of small businesses say they recognize that Smartphones are an integral part of the way they do business when it comes to scheduling, collaborating and communicating. Some businesses rely on free services like Skype to handle most of their collaboration. More powerful tools also exist to remotely control web servers or other technology through your Smartphone.

4. Check-In and Tracking Apps

Applications used to track time, deliveries and service level agreements go hand-in-hand with many businesses that have to hit the road. These useful tools can protect both business owners and employees by giving a greater level of transparency on both sides.

5. Mobile Advertising

Many businesses are looking at mobile technology from the other side of the equation. It’s in the hands of almost all their customers so why not put it to good use. More and more advertisements are popping up embedded with QR codes to direct the potential customer to links about the company and new advertising platforms are being developed each day. The entry level for this type of advertising is lower than it ever has been before.

How Connected Is Your Business?

If your business isn’t taking advantage of these amazing tools, now’s the time to start. The Smartphone is taking business to customers at an unprecedented level.

Make sure your company is on the cutting edge to meet them.

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