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Some internet users are obsessed with their social media presence and others are not, but many people find it handy to have an analytical overview of their online presence.

If you’re one of these people, the Infomatic application is for you. Developed by Saturized, this app consolidates Twitter and Facebook statistics into a beautiful and concise presentation on your iPhone.

For example, it displays your activity on Twitter over the last seven days, prominently showing the total number of tweets and followers. For the site, it features tabs labelled as Overview, Followers, Following, Media and Activity that provide detailed information.

For Facebook users, you can view the overall number of photos they’ve uploaded or been tagged in, as well as posts and friends. Tabs with detailed info include Activity, Videos, Photos, Friends, Comments and Posts.

Infomatic is available for just US$1.99. To get it working, you must first enter your Twitter and Facebook account information. The app also utilises native iOS Facebook and Twitter integration, so it’s easy to use even for users with many Twitter usernames.

However, there is no way to input accounts manually, which means users will have to set them up with Apple’s operating system (OS) first. Another downside is that Infomatic can only accommodate one social media account at a given time. Therefore, info from all your FB and Twitter accounts cannot be consolidated into a single presentation.

Nonetheless, data is refreshed each day and it provides a comprehensive snapshot of your social media activities for the past week.

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