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Recently, a friend introduced me to the Internet Music Video Database (IMVDb) and I’ve been hooked ever since.  It’s an open music video database with thousands of videos, song lists, trivia, and more about artists around the world.  These are added by users, music producers, and the bands themselves.

IMVDb is socially-driven and works in a way similar to the IMDB we’re familiar with for movies.  Most of the information on the site is from fans of the musicians and videographers featured.

With the site, users can find out who produced, edited, choreographed, etc. any video in the database.  It’s an amazing resource for fans who want to know every detail about the genre and for film and music students interested in who the major players in the business might be.

IMVDb was founded by Adam Fairholm and Doug Klinger.  It began as a blog called FilmedInsert, created and written by Fairholm.  That morphed into a database and eventually into the site as it is now with Fairholm acting as the developer.  Klinger came in as content director to build content on the site.

Users can create a profile, find others with similar interests in music or video production, add their own information to existing entries or create new ones.

To avoid copyright infringements, the videos on IMVDb point to official sources (often they are YouTube embeds from the artist’s official stream).  The information surrounding the videos, including trivia and accounts, are what the site is all about.

The best way to get acquainted with IMVDb is to go to the site and click on Videos and go to a random video.  This will bring up a random offering and give you an idea of the kind of information you can find in their database.  Watch out, though.  You’ll get addicted.