ZipaClip – secure video sharing for iOS

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Private isn’t always, well, private.  Most of us are aware that anytime we share content with a social media site, there is a good chance it will not be kept private.  It’s easy to accidentally mis-label a shared video, for example, and make it public or that policies at a venue will change and your formerly-private vid will now be publicly visible.

To combat this, sharing videos and sending secure text messages has now become much easier thanks to ZipaClip.  This secure app sends your encrypted videos to a cloud server run by the app’s maker.  It then sends a secure text message to your recipient(s).  If they also have ZipaClip installed, they can tap to download the encrypted video and play it on their phone or iPad.

The app works only in iOS and allows 30 second or shorter clips free of charge.  Longer clips require purchase of more secured storage.  You can purchase that at $0.99 for twenty minutes or $5.99 for 120 minutes.  ZipaClip will store your videos as long as you’d like (and have space) and you can easily use the app to delete or retrieve videos as you need. The app also allows users to “ZipBack” a video or text at any time, so that it can no longer be viewed or read by any of the recipients. They will still have the text alert, but the download will no longer work for them.

While ZipaClip has its limitations (mainly being limited to the iPhone and iPad for both sending and receiving), the app is highly useful if you need secure exchanges or sharing.

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Samsung Electronics Slate PC Dock Cradle Notebook Accessory AA-RD5NDOC/US
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