A new report from the NPD Group, a research firm, says that consumers are migrating from their desktops to mobile devices for common uses such as Internet browsing, Facebook, etc.  Twenty-seven percent of those migrating are using their PCs less often as a result.

The data was released as part of a report titled Connected Intelligence Application and Convergence Report from the global information company.  It shows that thirty-seven percent of users are switching from PC to mobile overall, showing a significant change in how people are utilizing devices for Web-based connectivity.

Core PC activities, of course, remain intact with most email, accounting, office and similar functions remaining there.  Casual use, however, is on the rise in mobile.  Current numbers are, according to NPD, for Internet use:

  • 75% on the PC
  • 61% on smart phone
  • 53% on tablets

Amongst the same group, Facebook access is less spread out:

  • 63% on PC
  • 55% on smart phone
  • 39% on tablet

The third most-used item on tablets is game playing (tied with book reading) and on smart phones it’s photo posting/uploading.

In addition to all of this, Internet-enabled televisions (including those with a game console capable of Web browsing) are moving 21% of consumers from computer to TV to watch streaming video.

These are amazing numbers and are up from last year and expected to keep rising as smart mobile devices continue their headlong proliferation of the consumer electronics markets.

Written by | dave

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