Take a peek at Rando, the secretive photo-sharing app

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UK app developer Ustwo has unveiled an experimental photo exchange platform that randomly shares your pictures with strangers, and in return, you also receive random snapshots.

Dubbed as Rando, the new app allows each picture you share to be framed within circles to provide it with a peephole effect and to differentiate the application from other mainstream photo sharing platforms.

Photo sharing applications usually vary from hyper-social platforms such as Instagram, where you can share and comment as much as you want, to secretive apps such Snapchat, where shared photos delete themselves based on the timer you’ve set.

In this realm, Rando belongs to the latter as the identity of both the recipient and the sender is a mystery. Apart from that, Ustwo’s app is considered anti-social because you can’t like or comment on the pictures.

Rando is not about creating a community or gathering credentials for your pictures. Instead, this application intends to take away the “social” aspect of “social media” and gauge user reaction.

The app is somewhat of an experiment designed to find out what people do when they cannot talk to each other in social media. Will they still flock to Rando and actively share their photos even if there are no likes or comments? What will happen if there is no control over the intended recipients?”

To prevent the proliferation of obscene photos in Rando that occurred in some of its counterparts, users can also report inappropriate pictures. Users also have to send out a photo before they can receive one.

At present, Rando can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store, but an Android version is not yet available.