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High school and college students in the US are going crazy over a brand new app. Aptly dubbed as Whisper, this iOS program lets people anonymously share their deepest secrets via digital postcards, according to a report in The Business Insider.

Everybody has secrets, but nobody likes people to judge them. This new app lets you send messages, place a “heart” on secrets you like, and reply by sending in your own confession, all without having to tell anyone who you really are.

While the first whisper doesn’t cost anything, you will have to pay for a monthly subscription fee if you want to continue messaging others. After all, telling secrets always come with a price.

Whisper rekindles memories of PostSecret, the snail-mail community that allowed people to anonymously reveal their secrets via postcards. It was so popular that an iOS version was unveiled in September 2011, but it was subsequently axed from the App Store due to inappropriate content.

“Those memories are kind of bittersweet for me,” said Frank Warren, founder of PostSecret, adding, “It had a short but brilliant life.”

The PostSecret app was well received by users, with millions of secrets out on the web in just three months. Many of those were really deep and moving, he noted. However, once abusive content started spreading, Warren needed to shut it down for good.

This is why the new Whisper app has a feature for flagging malicious content. Despite this, the platform has already ignited several quarrels at Marathon High School in New York and a secondary school in South Florida.