Facebook updates iOS Messenger with quirky stickers

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Sometimes, words are not enough to tell someone how you really feel, especially when talking via mobile or through social media. Emoticons can help users express feelings that normally would be conveyed via facial gestures.

Although these images are seemingly simple, trivial or even quirky, they have been a hit with savvy social media users. Now they are set to invade Facebook Messenger to help users communicate things that words alone might not convey. On Monday, the biggest social network upgraded its Messenger app with a few cute and colourful stickers.

These stickers are emoticons that show various feelings in the same way as facial expressions. The update has already been made available for the Facebook Messenger on Android and will be introduced in the iOS Messenger applications in the coming weeks.

Facebook’s stickers are currently still free, but there is a possibility that they might start charging a small fee for some stickers in the future. The social networking app Path also unveiled stickers recently, offering the first two packs for free but charging for additional packs. On Monday, Path also introduced new packs of stickers that included Peanuts characters.

Facebook first introduced its stickers in the general iOS app last month. Afterwards, new images crafted by illustrator Matt Jones were launched, including 16 facial expressions that show sympathy, surprise, cheerfulness and sadness.

In addition to this update, Facebook also resurrected the feature enabling users to delete conversations from their inboxes with just the swipe of a finger.