Opera drops its lawsuit against Trond Hansen

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A couple of weeks ago, Opera Software, which makes the Opera browser, was announced to have brought a $3.4 million lawsuit against former longtime employee Trond Werner Hansen.  The suit, filed last year, alleged that he took proprietary secrets to Mozilla, makers of the popular Firefox and other browsers, and demanded 20 million Norwegian Krone (or about $3.4M) in damages.

The lawsuit garnered a few mentions in the blogosphere and a note from Hansen that he would have to leave the states for Norway in order to face the suit, putting his work on a new music album and tour on hold.

The lawsuit was dropped suddenly and settled out of court, with neither party giving details as to what the settlement was.  For its part, Opera says that they’ve “reached an agreement and both parties are satisfied with that.”  Hansen says the lawsuit holding him back and now he’s looking forward to moving ahead.

Hansen says he may spend the summer in his native country before returning to Florida, USA where he planned to open an art gallery and begin promoting his first music album.

So what originated this lawsuit?  Likely it was a combination of things, but Hansen had said in Norwegian news that when he left Opera, he had a lot of good ideas that he wanted to see implemented and that Opera wasn’t interested in.  It’s likely those ideas, subsequently taken to Mozilla, that triggered the suit.