Social media shaking up the corporate world

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Social media has shaken up almost all facets of people’s daily lives, so it comes as no surprise that the corporate world is also banking on the trend.

A set of surveys among 290 organisations found that over 50 per cent of employers use social networks and instant messaging, among other tools, to build a sense of community among employees.

Companies from across Asia, North America and Europe used instant messaging most often in internal communication, with a huge 77 per cent taking part in the trend. Streaming audio and video were utilised by 61 per cent of respondents.

Conducted by professional services firm Towers Watson, the study also listed SMS messaging, human resources or employee blogs, mobile apps, enhanced online employee profiles, and social networks as the other tools used by the companies.

Towers Watson’s Global Leader of Communication Consulting, Kathryn Yates, said: “We believe that social media can be a great tool for communicating with employees in the workplace. By its nature, social media is designed to build community and could help engage employees on key topics such as performance, collaboration, culture and values.”

However, these tools are not necessarily effective. In fact, less than 50 per cent of those polled declared that social media tools were effective, with only 40 per cent considering them to be cost effective.

This does not discount the huge potential for social media in the coming days, months and years, especially as more companies use remote workers who will be better served by the communication tools.

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