An app for the antisocial

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Fed up with awkward conversations with people you are “friends” with on social media? If so, a new app aptly named “Hell is other people” might appeal to you.

While social networks aim to build friendships by virtual conversations, this new app does the reverse in reality.

Developed by US-based Scott Garner, the app uses your own social media network to help you avoid chance meetings with “friends”. Using Foursquare check-ins, the app tracks the location of any of your contacts on a map and automatically calculates “safe zones” or routes that will let you avoid a chance encounter and head home faster.

In a video presentation of his new project, Garner said, “I actually really hate social media. I had to sign up for a social media site and had to talk to people to get them to be my friends on that site, just so I could avoid them.”

To test the project, Garner walked around New York City for six hours. He was successful in his quest to avoid being forced to engage in any awkward or unexpected conversations with acquaintances thanks to the app.

Garner emphasised that his new project is not an actual solution to the social media dilemma but more of a commentary or a satire. Also, it only works if your friends check in.

Still, this app might actually be a hit, particularly among introverts.