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Just because nearly everybody uses social media does not mean people find it appealing. In fact, a lot of users are actually losing interest in social networks and some feel forced to participate.

These findings are drawn from a recent study by consumer research firm E-Poll Market Research, which polled 1,100 persons from diverse demographics.

While a strong 85 per cent of respondents are aware of Facebook, only half actually find it appealing. Facebook’s main rival Google+ earned an awareness rating of 58 per cent but only 45 per cent deemed it interesting. Twitter, on the other hand, was familiar to 75 per cent but only 18 per cent said the micro blogging site was appealing.

One surprising result from the survey is the emergence of Yelp as an appealing site for 51 per cent of those surveyed, even though it was familiar to only 25 per cent.

Nonetheless, the high level of awareness and usage does not equate to the overall appeal of social media to users. In fact, traditional media like broadcast, print and cable were considered more trustworthy than social networks.

Gerry Philpott, President of E-Poll Market Research, said: “During the past five years, the role of social media has shifted from a leisure activity to an integral and, at times, mandatory, part of our lives. Despite this, consumers continue to place the majority of their trust in traditional media brands and advertisers should consider the environment in which they choose to put their dollars.”