Facebook unveils mobile game platform

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Following spectacular growth in its advertisement revenue and number of mobile users, social media giant Facebook has launched a new publishing platform designed for mobile game developers.

The Mobile Games Publishing platform is described as a “pilot program to help small and medium-sized developers take their mobile games global.”

Facebook pledged to help promote the games launched at the platform on its own mobile applications. However, the games that are hosted on the platform will be screened thoroughly. These mobile games will then be advertised to Facebook users based on their likes and preferences.

Mobile Games Publishing is a platform “designed to reach people who already play games on Facebook with new games,” noted the social media giant.

It is estimated that some 260 million people, which is almost 33 per cent of Facebook’s 800 million users per month, play games on Facebook’s mobile and desktop portals. In addition, game developers also have access to Facebook’s analytic tools.

The social network’s move is a goldmine of opportunity for small-time developers because their games will be promoted to a massive audience. However, the revenue sharing agreement for the platform has not yet been revealed.

At present, Facebook is collaborating with ten developers such as 5th Planet and Gameloft, but small- and mid-sized developers can still apply to join the program.

In addition, experts believe that the platform is another way for the company to make more money from its growing base of mobile users.

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