First Microsoft Windows 8.1 ad features.. return of the Smart button

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Microsoft obviously didn’t know that a roiling firestorm of public opinion would blast them when they released Windows 8 without a Start button on the bar. With the release of version 8.1 of the new operating system, MS will restore the button to the desktop in hopes of calming the flames.

Now the Redmond company has released its first commercial (see it here) about the first major update for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and that commercial prominently features the Start button’s return. This latest commercial is the newest in a series of Windows Everywhere campaign commercials for the new Windows 8 and is the first to talk about 8.1.

Outside of the Smart button, the commercial also highlights the “boot to desktop” feature, and the company’s trio of Windows 8 attack: Windows Tablet, PC and Surface.

Ahead of the holidays, but not noted in the commercial, Microsoft will be releasing the new Surface 2 in hopes of not repeating the dismal appearance the first one had last year about this time. It’s also partnering with retail outlets and PC makers to push educational and consumer sales for the back to school and holiday season. New Windows Stores are appearing in some Best Buy locations in a sort of Apple mockup, though the company says it has no plans to open its own stores in independent locations and will continue to go through its retail partners.

Expect to see the hype around Windows 8 increase as the consumer buying season ramps up in the next couple of months.

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