Henri Lamiraux leaves Apple after 23 years

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Although not officially announced, it appears that Henri Lamiraux, Apple’s top iOS engineering guy, has retired after 23  years on the job. The story broke at 9to5mac.com and seems to be corroborated by Lamiraux’s LinkedIn profile, which shows him as “Retired.”

Lamiraux worked on the iOS systems for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and was an Apple Vice President of Engineering. Following the release of 7.0.3 a couple of weeks ago, says 9to5mac, Lamiraux quietly retired from the company.

The engineer was one of the most important people at Apple, working essentially as the head of the iOS operating system that controls Apple’s hottest products.

When Lamiraux began at Apple, he was a software engineer for the Mac and eventually worked his way into the top positions, becoming a key player in the iOS schema early in its development, joining the iOS team in 2005.

Lamiraux was also active in and around the App Store development community, often attending conferences and chat hangouts.

iOS 7 will be his legacy as it appears that Apple is moving on to the next operating system, OS X 10 (aka “Syrah”) and iOS 8.