Kim Dotcom previews Baboom music streaming

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Kim Dotcom, the eccentric New Zealand multi-millionaire and famous founder of legally doomed Megaupload, is previewing his new, legitimate streaming service Baboom. The new service launched into preview mode this weekend and features music from Printz Board, Mona Dotcom (Kim’s wife), and other artists most people probably don’t know, all under the album name Good Times, Kim Dotcom’s new Europop release.

The teaser album is free, but when the Baboom service launches in full, it will allow users to listen to streams free of charge and then purchase music with a click to download it, for a price. The site will support high-definition (via FLAC and MP3 320Kbps).

It’s major point of interest for most users, though, will be its ad-supported plugin for Web browsers that pays the user in song credits that can be used to download music free of charge in exchange for the ads viewed.

After only an hour online, Baboom had already racked up 80,000 plays. Mostly due to Kim Dotcom’s largest talent: self-publicity.

Baboom has a look similar to Rdio and MySpace and is accepting early access invites now. Music artists and those wanting to try the service’s player can leave their email and wait for an invite. Mine came in just a couple of hours, so the process for listeners, at least, is automated.

Oh, and it appears that Baboom is hiring passionate and skilled, team players who are fun people (according to their site’s About Us page). Specifically they’re looking for UI design, Web developers and mobile devs. Like Dotcom’s other ventures, Baboom is based in Avenida da Boavista.