Forgotify – the app for discovering unheard tracks on Spotify

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Ever wonder what happens to those four million songs on Spotify that never get played? You know, the ones that get added to the network (often by small, indie artists) and have no advertising/marketing backing to get them to listener’s ears? About twenty percent of the music on Spotify falls into this category and gets listens measured nearly to zero.

Well, a new app aims to bring those songs to the earbuds of thousands of listeners.

Forgotify is the brainchild of Lane Jordan, Nate Gagnon and J. Hausmann. It’s a discovery engine for Spotify’s unplayed tracks based on a database of Spotify tracks that have a play count of zero. The DB is built using Spotify’s API and as soon as a song gets a listen, it drops from the list.

The idea is to give listeners the chance to find music never found before, listen to it, and if they like it, they can share it. If it doesn’t get shared and remains in obscurity, it must not have been a very good song. It’s simple logic that relies totally on dedicated listeners to be judge, jury and possible executioner for music that otherwise would be ignored entirely. In short, it gives dead songs (music with no one listening) a chance to prove themselves. But only one chance, so they better be good.

The music you’ll find with Forgotify is obviously eclectic and in my listening so far, most of it deserves to be ignored. There are always gems, though. Which is the point and why Forgotify is such a cool tool.

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