Expect an iOS update in March with iOS 7.1

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Apple hasn’t officially announced it yet, but the upcoming March event, at which the company usually rolls out new products or prototypes, is expected to include an announcement and rollout for the first upgrade to iOS 7, iOS 7.1. This will go along with the planned showcasing of the next-generation Apple TV.

The new iOS 7.1 has gone through several beta versions now, and seems to be close to launch-ready, if it isn’t already, so March would be good timing. Most of the updates aren’t earth-shaking or surprising and nobody is expected any kind of “secret” feature to be included.

Updates in beta so far have included tweaks to the way the Phone app works, improved Calendar, some speed improvements, and a lot of bug fixes. Outside of those changes, little else seems to be in the works if the beta versions so far have meant anything.

The greatest of those are the user-interface (UI) tweaks that have been made for the Phone. They can, for some, greatly simplify many things on the handset. The bug-fixes are, of course, a long time coming for many users and will make a lot of those who lamented upgrading to iOS 7 (some of whom even rolled back to the previous install) happier.

Now that we’re well into the month of February, we’re expecting to see an official announcement from Apple about whatever event they will be hosting in March.