Neknominate, a game where a person posts a video of himself downing huge quantities of alcohol and then nominating a friend to outdo him, has become a social media craze with lethal consequences.

Believed to have originated in Australia, Neknominate started as a fun game, but the manner in which the drink was consumed became more outlandish while the amount of alcohol steadily increased.

For example, a woman was dared to strip in a supermarket while drinking beer. Another teenager guzzled alcohol from a toilet while his feet were held up by two acquaintances. Some even drank extreme cocktails with disgusting ingredients such as insects, dog food, engine oil, a dead mouse and a live goldfish.

As a result, five people under the age of 30 have died from the deadly alcoholic mix or excessive consumption.

“This is a lethal game,” said Drinkaware Medical Adviser Dr Sarah Jarvis in an interview with CNN.

“The point about alcohol is that it affects your ability to recognize that you’re in danger, and it absolutely affects your ability to react to danger. So we have a double whammy,” she added.

Neknominate is pure madness that needs to be stopped. Social media networks like YouTube and Facebook should also curtail it, said Brian Viner, whose own son has participated in the deadly drinking game.

“I was cross with him but more cross with the social media involved and the way this game has just spread,” he added.

Written by | dave

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