Sometimes, interns make more than workers in Silicon Valley

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The average American household income is about $53,000, according to the Census Bureau. A new Glassdoor report, though, says that some companies in Silicon Valley are paying interns more than $75,000 a year. Yep, having a temporary job as a “working for experience” intern can mean making more than your parents do at their regular, full-time jobs.

Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area dominate the Glassdoor list, representing 18 of the 25 companies on the list of high-paying internships. At the top of that list was Planatir, who pays over $7,000 a month for an annual salary of over $84,000. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook weren’t far behind, though, at $6,800, $6200, and $6,200 per month respectively.

Glassdoor says the report was calculated by collecting salary information on its site from companies with at least 20 interns. The data was collected over two years from Jan. 24, 2012 to Jan. 23, 2014. The report comes after several media companies have seen lawsuits wherein interns are claiming no payment or underpayment.

Of interest on the Glassdoor list were also Amazon, at $5,600, Nvidia at $5,400, Yahoo at $5,000 and Intel at $4,600 monthly.

We’ve rounded numbers in this article for simplification. For the full Glassdoor report, you can go to their website directly and see all 25 companies ranked and exact methods and figures. Follow this link.