Google slapped with class action lawsuit

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Google has been sued collectively by upset mothers over free apps that enabled their children to spend hundreds of dollars without their consent.

“Google has unfairly profited by marketing free or low-cost games to children and by permitting them to easily rack up charges for worthless in-game currency by failing to incorporate reasonable controls such has requiring the entry of a password,” read a statement from Berger & Montague, the representing law firm.

The case was filed by a New York mother on behalf of herself and other parents after her son downloaded the game Marvel Run Jump Smash and made unauthorised purchases from the Google Play Store using her Samsung Galaxy tablet.

“These games are highly addictive, designed deliberately so, and tend to compel children playing them to purchase large quantities of Game Currency, amounting to as much as $100 per purchase or more,” stated the class action lawsuit.

The case lists Ilana Imber-Gluck as plaintiff, along with any other parent in similar situation.

It should be noted that users have to input a password in order to buy from the Google Play store. They can then make subsequent purchases as the password kicks in for 30 minutes, which is sufficient time for children to chalk up exorbitant fees on games.

Last year, a woman filed a similar case against Apple after her daughter spent $2,600 on an app, reported the BBC News.

In January, the Cupertino company agreed to refund customers the amount of $32.5 million after it received tens of thousands of similar complaints.

Apple then revised its purchasing policy and required consent prior to charging app purchases.