RebelMouse relaunches, tuned for viral content

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The social aggregation platform RebelMouse has re-launched and is now designed for media companies who want to control the social ecosystem around their content.

Founded by former Huffington Post chief technology officer Paul Berry, RebelMouse was originally launched about two years ago with the goal of allowing publishers to integrate their social media presence into one platform. It did well, though not exceptionally so.

Now, the site is re-launched, this time with a bigger focus on integration and a new additional focus for advertisers as well as media companies. The idea is to give more control over real-time social networking across platforms.

According to an interview with Berry, “There are very few media companies that are also awesome technology companies. You can see that in the NYT’s innovation report: even with hundreds of developers you can have difficulties adapting to the way things work online. And the place where they usually fall down is community and social engagement — and that’s the focus of the new RebelMouse.”

Basically, large media companies can use the RebelMouse platform to better interact with comments and sharing for their publications while advertisers can better see what’s happening with their investments regarding that social interaction.

Where RebelMouse really shines, Berry says, is in viral management. Although it’s tough for marketers to predict what, if anything, is going to “go viral” when published, once it does show signs of doing so, RebelMouse allows you to see that easier and capitalize on it with increased attention via interaction and encouraged sharing.

It will be interesting to see how well RebelMouse does in its new rendition.

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