Terror group takes fight to the internet

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The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a terrorist group so despised that even al Qaeda denounced them, is using social media to spread fear and recruit members to its cause.

However, experts say their propaganda war is far more sophisticated than those previously employed by other terror groups. For example, their video footage is much clearer than the grainy clips released by terrorist groups such as al Qaeda.

In fact, the group recently released an hour-long video that vividly portrayed killings, bombings and other terrorist acts. Known as “The Clanging of the Swords”, the video shows horrific scenes in a style similar to Hollywood movies like Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker, complete with intricate aerial shots.

Middle East Analyst Nadia Oweidat feels that this indicates ISIS is a well-funded group.

“This is geopolitics. There is money behind it. It’s not just idiots; these idiots have somebody controlling them and providing them with equipment that is very expensive. You can’t just get it in a cave.”

According to an ISIS defector interviewed by CNN in Turkey, the group also used Twitter to enlist the aid of Westerners.

“There was special treatment for the Europeans. One British guy said he was called Ibrahim, then told me he was from Manchester,” said the man, who defected after ISIS murdered two of his relatives.

Furthermore, the group also utilised an app in Google’s Play Store that updated users with ISIS-related news. Known as The Dawn of Glad Tidings, the application was removed by the search giant on Tuesday afternoon.