Internet hit by World Cup fever

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The World Cup is creating a huge buzz across various internet platforms, which is a sign of the sporting event’s immense popularity among internet users.

For example, 220 million Facebook users have made about one billion posts, likes and comments pertaining to the sporting event. Around 31 million users engaged in 75 million World Cup-related interactions last Saturday, when Brazil fought against Chile.

According to the social media giant, the most actively involved group are men aged 18 to 24, with Brazilians participating the most, followed by Americans.

On Twitter, World Cup-related Tweets have exceeded 300 million since the prestigious football tournament started in early June. This figure surpassed the number of Tweets made during the 2012 Summer Olympics, making it one of the most widely discussed events on the site. The game between Brazil and Croatia generated the highest number of discussions at 12.2 million Tweets.

Moreover, Google has launched a webpage purely intended for World Cup search trends. As of Tuesday, there had been more than 1.5 billion searches linked to the event.

The search giant also discovered that searches regarding the Greek language more than doubled during the match between Costa Rica and Greece.

In the United States, queries about the US versus Germany game surpassed the searches for all other things during the start of the match.

Italians were more interested in their football team than they were in the Rolling Stones, who held a concert in Rome during the preliminary rounds of the World Cup.