Chicken Shootout – the most eggsiting free game on iTunes

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From the title, you can probably guess that there will be a lot of lame poultry puns in this review. Hey, it’s unavoidable. We’re talking about chickens, eggs, and iPhone games. Bound to happen.

This game is a free download from the iTunes store for the iOS platform. Made by Dr Bored Studios (how cool is that?), it is one of those classically simple games that becomes eggdicting fast. (Ya, I stretched that one a bit.)

The backstory of the game is pretty interesting as well. Two guys who were working together on domain trading endeavors and desktop app creation decided to see if they could make a game for the App Store. This was in 2009. A year later, they had hired someone to do conceptual for the art, written out the game’s basics and plans, and found someone to begin development. That developer turned out to be a scammer, taking their deposit and doing nothing more than send “things are going well, just a few more weeks” emails to keep them on the line. As they put it, “eggsitement slowly dwindled to suspicion.”

Eventually, of course, someone else was found to do the work, though the two did put the game on hiaitus, nearly losing faith in it. Soon, though, it became a reality and the eggsellent adventure that is Chicken Shootout was finally born!

Check it out in the iTunes Store and download it for free. Requires iOS 6.0 or better, optimized for iPhone 5. And hey, don’t judge them for the filler text on their website. It’s got chickens, after all.