Pixelmator for iPad is a Near Photoshop Replacement

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Released for the iPad this week, Pixelmator finally makes the migration from Mac to tablet and appears to have retained a majority of the functions that made it popular for desktop users. The software has been a popularized alternative to Photoshop and with the iPad version, we found it to be a great on-the-go photo enhancer and editor.

A complete set of painting tools and a smart engine take advantage of the iPad’s touch interface to make a lot of the things you’ll normally do to enhance photos (change “lenses,” scratch removal, etc.) intuitive. Even removing objects you want pulled from the photo, like light poles or power lines, is relatively easy with the iOS version of Pixelmator.

Required of any graphics manipulation software, of course, is layering and this app does a good job of it. The non-destructive layers are easy to manipulate as well.

Since Pixelmator was designed from the ground up as an iOS 8 app, it functions very well. Limits of the hardware do mean that some things will take a few seconds to materialize on screen, depending on the size of the graphic you’re working with, and decoupling from iCloud and other defaults is sometimes a bit awkward if you aren’t changing global settings, but overall the app is highly functional.

The best part? It’s only $4.99 at the App Store.

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