Moms getting fed up with social media

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A significant percentage of mothers have considered taking a hiatus from the social media scene, according to an online survey carried out by Impulse Research and published by Current Lifestyle Marketing.

Their study found that 53 per cent of 1,004 moms have entertained the idea of taking a break from their online networks, while 60 per cent of mothers between the ages of 18 and 24 have contemplated temporarily silencing their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“Through ongoing research we started noticing a trend of moms commenting that they are getting sick of social media, millennial moms can be particularly vocal about it,” said Current Lifestyle Marketing’s Executive Vice President Amy Colton.

“We wanted to check the trend, so we conducted quantitative research to confirm what we have been hearing,” she explained.

However, the study failed to tackle the duration of the contemplated hiatus because it merely queried: “Do you ever consider stopping use of, or taking a break from, social media because you are burned out or frustrated with it?”

The main reason many moms want to unplug from their online networks is because other people share too much information, while millennial mothers cited pesky ads and invitations as their main grievances.

In addition, the study revealed that young mothers are being pressured to present an ideal family on social media, said clinical psychologist Suzana Flores.

Mothers can gain validation and encouragement from these online networks, but they are also becoming more dependent on the advice of their peers on social media rather than their own judgment, she added.

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